SPLASH 2011 at Circus Disco,

SPLASH 2011!! 🙂 such a long long night. party ran until 4am… lol Circus Disco was packed. lets give our selves a pat on the shoulder for the hard works. all staff members, we did great.

SPLASH2011!! 🙂 長い長い夜でした。イベントは朝の4時まで続き…笑。サーカスディスコは満員御礼ってヤツです。自分達の肩をポンポンと叩いて誉めてあげましょう。スタッフの皆様お疲れ様でした。

we had few special guests from Japan.


Daishi-san ripp’n the floor.


and of course we had the lovely go go dancers on stage.


DJ Masterkey!! man i grew up with his tracks back in middle school.

DJ Masterkey!!いやぁー中学時代に聞いてた思い出が懐かしい。

pretty girls drinking and dancing.


Mitomi Tokoto going hard.

Mitomi Tokotoさんがガッツリ&ノリノリなう。

more pictures will be uploaded to the SPLASH official website soooooooon 🙂

写真は近々SPLASHのオフィシャルサイトにアップされまぁぁぁぁぁす 🙂

thanks to everyone who joined the night!!



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