Vancouver Sites, Leica M8


yes, Vancouver again.


didnt go for pleasure as usual (been there so many times but no site seeing ever lol). attended Hydrogen Fuel Cell Conference 2013 as i had few meetings to take care of. note that i was invited to visit south Africa. hmmm… well, worked hard, but also photo-ed hard on the streets.

例の如くプレジャーで行ったわけではないけど(もう何回も行ってるけど一回も観光した事無いww)。今回はHydrogen Fuel Cell 2013って言う学会的なヤーツ行って来た。そういえば南アフリカ訪問の話が。んんんん…とにかく、みっちり仕事して、ばっちり写真も撮って来た。

it was supposed to be nice weather but apparently, i brought in the rain.



stayed at the Coal Harbour side this time as it was closer to the convention center. sorry, i meant, convention centre. its actually better for sightseeing purpose as the olympic torch is right there and the new Cactus Club is awesome. Plus, the historic Gas Town is walking distance, nice view of North Vancouver, etc.

今回はコンベンションセンターも近いコールハーバー側に泊まってました。 観光にはこっちの方が良いかもね。オリンピックのトーチ(やべー日本語が出てこない…)がすぐそこにあったり、新しいCactus Clubハンパねーし。それに、ガスタウン近いし、北バンクーバーの眺めが良かったり、色々。


only brought my 28mm Elmarit (4th) this time on my M8. i was debating on bringing my Ultra Wide Heliar but kept that at home, out of reach from my daughters lol. first time using it under the street condition zone focusing and taking snaps. of course its an awesome piece of glass. i just need more practice on zone focusing. was going to sign up for the akademie of Leica per street photography but mang that was over budget. $599.99. i need a silver sugar mama to spot me the gig LOL


well, like it or not enjoy the gallery!


i should start updating my damn website.



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