Night Life, 12.24

merry christmas again!! 🙂

メリークリスマスその弐!! 🙂

finished editing the shots from Jingle Dingle. and picked out some of the ones i liked from the night. of course, my favorite black and white.

昨日のJingle Dingleでの写真の編集終わった。何枚か気に入ったのをピックアップ。もちろん、白黒で。

CDJ2000 x2 and DJM20

go go daners.


we had live performance in the top40 room.


party up.


Atomic Mike in the house.

Atomic Mikeがアゲるアゲる。

happy chicks.


Hab I Scream from Japan,

日本からHab I Screamが。

Afro Junkies.


my favorite shot of the night.




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