Day: 08/12/2010

Waaaaaaaaay Back in the Days, International Auto Salon

found a pic from IAS (International Auto Salon) back in… back in… when was this? lol 7 years ago? or maybe 8? i dont know shiets too ancient lol it was when OS Giken first came out to the US and Enonvativ Force distributing them.

IAS(インターナショナルオートサロン)での写真を見つけた。これいつだっけ…どのぐらい前なんだ…?笑。7年前とか?8年前?イニシエ過ぎて覚えてないわ(笑。OS技研が初めてアメリカに来た時だね。Enonvativ Forceがまだ卸してた時だわ。

Nancy, me, and Yuki.


damn, its been a long time lol


the aftermarket industry was doing MUCH better these days.


Guys, We Gotta Keep it Healthy,

oobie-ing it up Thursdays!!


i know, i’ve been slacking off with random updates. just been updating videos… but hey they are still kool!! hahaha


been swamped with writing up proposal and taking care of my daughter.


i havent gone shooting either… 😦

写真も撮りに行ってないよ最近… 😦

will be heading to the driving range tonight with the buddies so i will have something to blog about it tonight/tomorrow morning!! hahaha