Did I Go?,

no i did not attend the final for Formula Drift. Pic above is from 2008.


i did NOT get a media credential approval nor denial. i applied, like every year, in the beginning of the year when i sign up for Streets of Long Beach. dont know what happened. one of the publisher told me they will have the pass ready for me, but then it was not the credentials for the media 😦 oh well, see what happens next year. sorry Ian, i wont have the FD coverage for the magazine…

メディアパス承認の合否を結局もらえなかった。毎年同じように、シリーズ頭にロングビーチ戦に合わせて登録してるのに。なんで何も連絡が無かったんだ。出版社側の人間もパス準備しておくから言うて、メディアのパスじゃなかったし 😦 来シーズンどうなるかだな。ゴメンねイアン。ウェブ雑誌用の写真一枚も無いわ…


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