Lots of Meetings Today,

in the morning, had a little talk with Time Warner Cable guys for the business class offer they had. why? needed to set things before the WEDS guys move in to our office. looks good. better than AT&T’s phone bill lol

今朝はTime Warner Cableの人とお話が。ビジネスクラス用のプランの確認を色々と。なんで?WEDSの人達がウチのオフィスに越してくる前にやっておく必要がありましてん。値段はイイ感じ。AT&Tの明細よりもかなり安いよ(笑

during my lunch hour, had a meeting with my friend regarding a photo shoot. organizing a test day this Saturday at Malibu and Topanga. this will be fun as for my career 🙂 thanks Koh-chan for the opportunity!!and thank you for the lunch!!

お昼の時は友達と撮影の打ち合わせ。今週土曜日にマリブとトパンガでテスト撮影して来ます。この撮影は楽しくなりそうです 🙂 有難うコウちゃん!!あと、お昼ご馳走様ッ!!

here’s Koh-chan by the way.


got back to the office from the lunch meeting and had another visitor from Simi Valley, Robb. this guy was a fun guy to talk to. he was the one managing the build of the Dodge Viper. the very first mock-up. he showed me lot of stuffs thats confidential. pretty darn excited i was. didnt let me take pics though lol hahaha next year will be exciting 🙂

お昼の打ち合わせから帰って来てそこに待っていたのはシミバリーからお越しのロブさん。ロブさん、めっちゃ面白い人だった。スゲーのが、ドッジ(ダッジ?)バイパーの生みの親。テスト車両の製作以前から開発をマネージしてたこのオジい様。色々企業秘密なファイルも見せてもらってテンション終始アガりっぱ。写真は撮らせてくれなかった(笑。来年が楽しみです 🙂

and now i’m waiting for our new web guy for an additional meeting regarding the revamp of the website.


busy day today…





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