Day: 06/05/2009

Do They Even Care About Labelings?

got these images from my dealer today.


question is, do they even care about labelings?


geesh the box got raped.


outcomes, frame is bent and the fabric is ripped.


wtf. did they throw around the box even it said “FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE” and “THIS SIDE UP/DO NOT STACK” and “HIGH CLAIM ITEM”??? or did some dumb ass fork lift driver slash the box by running into it, and dragged it? duuuuude whats wrong with them!? why would some courrier service says to pack it well so it wont break even if you drop it above 3 feet high? i know its for safety but shiet mang, it says fragile!! ass holes.


What Irritated Me Today at Work,

here’s what irritated me at work today.

a email from a customer saying,

“yea HELL0 once again  i am l00king 4 seat railz 4 my 07 h0nda civic si? d0 u have any in stock @ tha m0ment?”

dude, if you are emailing a company for product inquiry, get that shit straight. how old are you? you think i’m one of your buddies that chats on AIM with you? NO i am not. i dont even know you so dont be fresh with my.

Lots of Emails This Morning,

this morning, i signed in to my msn messenger and i had 49 emails packing my inbox. 49? dude i thought it was all those spam mails and porn site stuff. but it was all Jowe-san’s fault tagging me in a photo as his hair and shiet lol hahahha out of 49, about 40 was from the tagged photo informing me someone commented on my picture… lol thanks a lot Jowe!! hahaha newt time you tag me, make sure you tag me!! and not your hair, or beers, or you chile chile chile lol

Bejeweled Blitz

currently ranked 7th witin my facebook network.


this game is kinda addictive.



dont under stand how people scores over 110,000 points…


i see James ranked in second place with over 110,000 points.


Telesuco Crab Bento,

Mitsuwa is having a little food fair thingy (for Torrance and Costa Mesa branch). so i swung by for a little food shopping and got some obento for myself and Kana-chan (she’s sick right now so gotta be nice 🙂 )

ミツワのトーランス店とコスタメサ店で今「美味いもの市」やってますねぇ。ってなわけで仕事帰りに食い道楽とシャレこみましたよシンノスケは。自分の分とカナちゃん(ちなみに風邪でダウン中なのでお見舞い 🙂 )の分を買ってきた。



got some Crab Bento thingy from Telesuco Japan.


shiet those for expensive as hell!!! god damn…


well, at least the food was good.