Month: July 2009

Alliance Racing Seat,

Adam over at Z1 sent me this link from

Alliance Racing Seat. heres a image of the rear shot of the shell.

looks like the GIAS/STRADIA dont they. hahha how they manufactured the sides and the bracket to connect the top and bottom looks similar. next picture is the front shot.

the side bolster looks like a ERGO II. the logo is crooked. well, its proto type.

thats what she said.

so, they decided to mix the two seat and try to become a “new” made in god knows where seat?? (like Adam said) and trying to have it FIA certified?? with a recliner?? lol ironic, it is.

its funny that the poster mentioned “Low Max” in the post on describing the seat. 

FAIL!!! stupid copy cats.

below is the link to the post on the forum.

Got Hit by a,

happened last year.


i was with Yushi to go shopping (on the way to Chrome Hearts).



on the 405 where there was hella traffic and we were on the car pool lane. i dont know, talking about chicks and stuff lol and i heard this sliding noise behind us and a second later, something hit Yushi’s car. first i thought it was a stupid car that couldnt stop but it wasnt. look at the side mirror and saw a guy flying off the motorcycle.


the guy was hurt, but was able to talk. i asked him what happened and he told me “i dont know, i jus slipped and lost balance” well good thing he didnt fly off to the other lane or getting ran over by the oncoming traffics. but what sucks was he had no insurance, and he was driving on a permit. come on kid you cant just drive on the freeway with a permit on a motorcycle… his parents came, and seemed to be pissed off at us. but shiet mang its your damn sons fault and the parent’s fault for giving him a toy bigger then his hands.


The Curve,

August 7th @ Senor Fish 9pm-2am

422 E 1st St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

21 & Over

Ladies free entrance all night

$10 after 11pm for guys ( 😦 )

Kid Monkeys live performance

Main Stage Runway Fashion show with:

 Crimson Ivy, Glamorous Stage, Hakka Apparel, and multeepurpose.

Lunch at Sanuki no Sato,

yesterday, i had lunch with Kana-chan over at Sanuki no Sato 🙂

昨日は、カナちゃんとさぬきの里でランチ 🙂

both of our came with the small udon.


Kana-chan ordered the short rib plate.


and i got the Katsu-don.


too much for lunch… lol


From Steve,

Steve sent me this.


reason why is because i posted on facebook (& twitter) that i will be horny in 30 minutes… hahahaha that face!! he is enjoying it!!


and he also sent me this.


Steve said, にがわんなはっするめん。

Freeze the Scene with Fast Shutter Speed,

freezing the scene with fast shutter speed. it was one of my criterias for the school project. i was thinkg and thinking and thinking. and decided to have my friends jump.


first to test the lighting.


and lets have them jump 🙂

そして、彼等には飛んでもらおう 🙂






Thanks guys!!! 🙂

二人とも有難う!!! 🙂

BRIDE Graphic,

another from the good old my VW.


making the BRIDE graphic. what a biyatch it was doing this.



i just remember people were saying my rims were fake TEs lol just because i had it on a VW doesnt mean that its fake. fukn haters.


came out like above. next time i have to do this, i’m painting.