Paddy O’s

with Mark today for Lunch.


he looks mad… lol hahahaha i know i was like 5 min late but dude its your fault for processing the wrong packing list to i-logistics today!! hahaha


it was our first time at Paddy O’s in Torrance, on Western and 213th street (or maybe some other..)


is a little after12pm and some people already drinking beers and wines lol


here’s what i ordered, philly cheese steak sandwich.


next time i go back, i must try there signatured fish n’ chips. looked maad good.



  1. Paddy-O’s, maybe you should try the corned beef hash next time. I guess the car industry decided to make Torrance home.

    1. SAKONE, corned beef hash… mmm sounds good!! thats my next stop.
      there is a lot of aftermarket people in torrance. BRIDE, WEDS, OS Giken, Tanabe to name a few. theres also Honda and Toyota, Hyundai.


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